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The What in the Ham Sandwich?! Show

Apr 25, 2007

These church girls are anything but holy

ten and a half years ago

i\'ve witnessed a church sniper. i would not have know what a church sniper was, if i hadn\'t heard ur show. about a yr ago my parents and I was at church right, and me and my mom had jus came out of the restroom & we saw this girl prob 18+ was waving at my dad and my dad was asking us if we know that girl and plus she was lookin at us and went inside the sanctuary. we said no and we didn\'t pay it any mind cuz we never seen her before. so we went inside the sanctuary and we was like sitting prob like 1 or 2 pues away from the same girl, who was sitting next 2 a guy(probably 16-18yrs old). the choir was singing & I see she was standing up clapping and lookin back smiling at the guy(every second) & the guy was jus laughing at her. so after service was over. I see & i\'m hearing dis chick askin, if he got a pen & giving him her number & if he\'s goin 2 be at church next sunday and dis dude is jus smiling at her like he can\'t believe this chick & i was laughin 2, cuz i couldn\'t believe it, cuz she was selling herself cheap/desperate & don\'t know if dis dude has stds/gay. crazy.