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The What in the Ham Sandwich?! Show

Jul 8, 2008

Sean Slaughter and Cook Dogg interview Salt from the legendary Hip Hop group Salt and Pepa

almost eleven years ago

yo man im pickin up what yall puttin down...i downloaded all yer podcast. i aint listen to em all yet, but they off the shablanger LOL. Keep it up fam. 2 questons... #1 why do yall do the imatation of the speaking in holy ghost ex: robocop, Reebok addias, ect.? #2 who is the cat flowing on this joint talking bout fresno? keep doin the LORD\'s thizzle

Sean Slaughter
almost eleven years ago

Hey Aaron

When we speak in fake tongues, we are imitating religious Christians who imitate the Holy Ghost. We believe in tongues but we don\'t believe in religious Christian who believe in tongues more than Jesus.

Also, the dude from Fresno is the Gim.

Thanks for listening fam.