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The What in the Ham Sandwich?! Show

Sep 28, 2009

On today's Ham Show...Which denomination is right? If I believe something in my denomination that you don't believe, am I right and your wrong? Where did denominations come from? Listen in!

Ham 96 - Which denomination is right?

--Ham News and Talk

1.J Johnson Freestyle ( Exclusive )
2.Flame--Bad Ain't...

Sep 21, 2009

On today's Ham Show...Let's explore the spiritual gifts...tongues, prophecy, etc. Also, see why Sean and Cook 'fake' speak in tongues on their show. Listen in!

<img src="" alt="Spiritual Gifts" width="276" height="300"/>

Ham 95 - Lets talk about the spiritual...

Sep 14, 2009

On today's Ham Show...How come there are so many gospel songs about my burdens? Should we assume most Christians never have victory in their life?  Is our worship and dedication to God based on how broke down, busted, and disgusted we are? Sean, Cook, and True-Asia break it down....listen.

Ham 94 - Why are there so...

Sep 10, 2009

Ham 93 - Is it harder today to get sinner's saved?

-Ham News and Talk

1.Canton Jones ( Feat.Milliyon )-5 Seconds
2.Da Truth ( Feat.Trip Lee )-Trumpet Blow
3.Shonlock ( Feat.Canton Jones,V3 )-Avert
4.Speech-It Feels Right
5.Erica Cumbo-After Party

-Why is it so difficult to get sinners saved?


Sep 7, 2009

All you have to do is watch Christian TV for a day to see the circus we proudly call the church. Or if you have the opportunity like I have to travel and minister in churches all over the world, you’ll might find more ringleaders and crowds than shepherds and people of God. Listen as Sean, Cook, and new member...