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The What in the Ham Sandwich?! Show

Feb 28, 2010

Ham callers sound off about voicemail issues, married Christians going to the club, and the benefit of speaking in tongues out loud. Sean, Cook, and True get it in! Listen in...

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1.Sean Slaughter ( Feat.JR )-Flesh...

Feb 22, 2010


Christian rock musicians are blowing up and capturing the mainstream market.

Some are obviously Christian while others choose to not proselytize in their music.

Is God cool with that? KJ-52 joins Sean, Cook, and True and chops it up. Listen in...

Ham 116 - Christian rock goes God cool with that?

Feb 15, 2010

Haiti has experienced an unbelievable amount of destruction and they need lots of relief. But many artist and organizations use disasters as a form of cheap promotions. Sean, cook, and true rip them a new one! Listen in...
Ham Hotline: 757-325-9493
Ham 115 - Haiti relief or cheap...

Feb 7, 2010

Does Jesus like to have fun? Do you think he laughs?
How come Christians who are considered 'deep' are serious or quiet or reserved or even mean?
Doesn't God love people who like to have fun?
Sean, Cook, and True chop it up...Listen in.
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Ham 114 - Does Jesus...

Feb 2, 2010

Ham callers chime in about about bad driving, worship sex, and rapping Christians versus Christian rappers.
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Ham 113 - Ham Callers Chime In

-Ham news and talk featuring Sammy P
1.Richie Righteous--Rest In Christ Hands
2.Marvin Winans...