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The What in the Ham Sandwich?! Show

May 31, 2010

Ham Interview Pt. 1_Wunda Fam

Mix Set 1

1.Wunda Fam-Alive

Ham Interview Pt. 2_Wunda Fam

Mix Set 2 1.Wunda Fam-Gettin Money

2.Sean Slaughter-Who We Are

Does knowing make faith weak?

Set 3 1.Kirk Franklin-I Like Me ( Feat.Von Vargas,Jahaziel,J Russo )

2.Ambassador-Get Ya Open

3.Canton Jones ( Feat.Ramona...

May 24, 2010

Ham News and Talk
Mix Set 1
1.Lil Dre ( Feat.Dre Murray )-Let's Do This
2.K-Drama ( Feat. The Street Pastor )-Bet I Do
3.Lil Dre ( Feat.Benzo)-A.O

Part 1 - Is prejudice learned?

Mix Set 2
1.Wit & Dre Murray ( Feat.Von Won )-Welcome To H-Town
2.G-Notes ( Feat.Pettidee)-Magic City

Part 2 - Why do stereotypes exist?


May 17, 2010

When churches book Christian rappers, most youth pastors want them to be preachers too. It is
an unspoken rule that has dictated they way many Christian rappers do ministry. But is this right?
What if they are called to be through music, not in spite of it?
Sean, Cook, and True chop it up.
Ham News and Updates

May 10, 2010

Ham125-Are today's church services broken?


Be real...when you go to church, do you have an authentic experience or encounter with God, or does it feel like your watching a play that you've seen 30 times already? The Ham Team talks about church services in America and its effectiveness...Listen in.


-Ham News and...

May 4, 2010

Ham124-Has Hip Hop Gone Porno?

-Ham News and Talk


Lavoisier Call In - Grow the Heck Up


-KATALYST_die if i have to



Part 1 - Has hip hop gone porno


-OMEGA SPARX_juggernaut

-HEE SUN LEE_test me


Part 2 - Why has hip hop gone porno?


-PRO_murder swag