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The What in the Ham Sandwich?! Show

Mar 31, 2010

Overworked parents, poverty, underpaid teachers, broken school systems, fatherless our kids have any chance at growing up and becoming decent human beings?

Sean, Cook, and True, with DJ Iroc Jesus chop it up.
Special Guest: Hee Sun Lee
Ham Hotline: 757-325-9493
  • Ham News and Talk
MIX SET 1 1.HeeSun Lee ( Feat.Rock )--A Part Of Me 2.HeeSun Lee ( Feat.Rock )--I Miss You 3.HeeSun Lee ( Feat.Shanelle Gabriel )--Open Up Your Eyes
  • How we raise our children
MIX SET 2 1.Canton Jones-California 2.This'l-Chisel Me 3.Tedashi-Use Me
  • The effects of neglect and abuse
MIX SET 3 1.Kirk Franklin-Nobody Hammie Blend 2.Frontlynaz-Gunz Down 3.Gunz Down Baltimore Mix
  • Thon em hour -Hee Sun Lee talks about being adopted